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Sample Case Studies

Case Study 1

We were tasked by a Top 100 Law Firm to contact some major Corporate Organisations within the Financial sector to establish which
Law Firms they were using, why they chose that particular Firm, what they looked for in a Law Firm, when they would next be reviewing
their choice of Firm, how satisfied they were with their chosen Firm, and if they currently had any issues. To complicate the task
further we were not allowed to mention who we were representing.

For this project we used our preferred not structured approach, which allow us to hold a two-way conversation with the contact, but
with set questions embedded within the conversation. With this approach we find more contacts are prepared to answer your
queries, rather than being bombarded with a chain of questions.

Because we used this approach, and outside the scope of the brief, we were able to establish an unfulfilled requirement within one
organisation. We arranged for a meeting with our client, the outcome of which was a contract for a six figure sum within one month of
our first contact with the organisation.

 The final outcome was a delighted Marketing Director, who received a bonus for a job well done from his Firm.


Case Study 2

We were tasked by a major supplier to the Legal sector to contact people within In House Counsel to establish interest in proposed
new conferences and training courses. We had to make contact with five different people within the companies, in five different
positions, to get a broad spectrum of opinion. We had to talk about our clients ideas, and establish their views and needs, what they
would be prepared to pay for the services, and how far they would be prepared to travel Those we contacted included In House
Counsel, HR Director, Company Secretary etc.

This was probably our most complicated research project to date as we had to report on interest levels by position, geographical
location, and size of company, with a sample size of 50 feedbacks, being 10 from each of 5 different job positions, resulting in a
report of nearly 50 pages in size.

 The company were delighted with the report, and the results, which confirmed their initial suspicions.


Case Study 3

We were tasked by the then President of a Regulatory Body to contact a selection of Law Firms, in a wide geographical area, to get
their views on a proposed new publication. We asked their views on the proposal, how they would like it laid out, ideas on content,
and would it have continuity i.e. regular publication rather than one off.

A more structured approach was used for this project, and the general feedback was it could be a success, and was innovative. The
report was given to the client, but unfortunately the project was not actioned before his year in office came to an end.



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