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“MTW Services Ltd has provided CLT with professional support and business development services for over 10 years.
These services have spanned the CLT portfolio in providing customised training programmes, public relations projects, membership
expansion, exhibition sales, marketing sponsorship for events and market research.
The successful development and delivery of these activities have been invaluable, and have been a key factor in driving revenue growth for CLT.
We are pleased to enjoy an excellent supplier relationship with Marlene Woodley, MD MTW Services Ltd and her knowledge and
management of our business is as it were her own.
Her reputation is widely respected within CLT and I would therefore, have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by her company.”
Stephen Broome, Managing Director, Central Law Training Ltd

“Marlene Woodley has worked with the Law Society’s Law Management Section since it was formed in 1998 and has represented the
Section’s interests in a very professional manner at all times.
She has been responsible for developing excellent relations with major sponsors and exhibitors drawn from the key providers of
financial, IT and other services to the profession including BT, Bank of Ireland, a number of leading IT companies, all of whom have
developed an ongoing relationship with the Law Management Section which has greatly benefited our members.”
Maureen Miller, Head of Law Management Section, The Law Society

“MTW Services organise all our award events and are highly recommended.  Finding venues, inviting guests, organising room layouts,
management of suppliers, collection of monies…MTW do it all and in a very efficient manner.  More than that, they work as part of our
team…helping us to meet deadlines and assist in making sure everything is all right on the night”.
Andrew Jackson, Event Director, In Brief

"The opportunity to meet many potential customers at exhibitions is the measure of success, to do so without having to arrange them
is an added bonus. The skill, professionalism and reliability of organisation brought to the LMS exhibitions from MTW Services mark
them out as ticking all the boxes."
Jon Burrill, Linetime
P.s. And what other event company would have a sewing kit which allowed for them to sew a button onto my suit. Now that's going
the extra mile.

"Finding and booking a suitable event as a sponsor can be time consuming and problematic. This process is made much easier by
working through an event management company such as MTW Services. On top of this, the support that Marlene and Terry have
offered TM over the past few years has made the events a pleasure. As exhibitors, we are always well supported and the events
always run smoothly. In addition, when there are problems or issues to resolve, they are always easy to contact and happy to help
resolve matters with a minimum of fuss."
Vanessa Woods, TM Property

"I have found MTWS services in relation to the legal events we have sponsored to be highly professional and friendly. I appreciate
the way in which both yourself and Terry look to make each event as effective as possible for Wesleyan for Lawyers. This has encouraged
me to come back to yourselves (despite not having any allocated budgets), to take additional events and you have always looked to
negotiate a good deal on our behalf."
Narinder Singh, Wesleyan for Lawyers Segment Marketing Manager

"In my three years of dealing MTW Services in the course of the Probate Section Annual Conference, I have found their work to an
extremely high level - both in the planning as well as the execution stages of the events. Always excellently presented and well
spoken, Marlene, Terry and their team made sure that sponsors were looked after and knew exactly what was expected of them, as
well as ensuring that the events excelled expectations from choice of venue and menus, right up until the very end of packing the last
of the stands. In my many years of conference attending, both as a participant as well as an organizer in previous roles, I have not
seen such flawless and smooth running of events, and would definitely recommend MTW Services to anyone requiring conference
Kasia Oberc, Fraser and Fraser

Some feedback from various direct sales personnel:

"I have found that the leads generated by MTW Services Ltd to be of a very high standard. The details are always accurate and the
feedback from the customers is that the caller was both knowledgeable and professional in their approach. MTW Services Ltd, has
been an invaluable source of leads"

"For me the MTW Services Ltd appointment setting project has been absolutely invaluable as a new sector to the organisation. The
leads are well qualified and I have yet to engage with a customer that was not expecting my call to confirm the meeting. The added
benefit of having a call from MTW Services Ltd has meant the level of background not usually experienced with leads. I would like to
see them as a permanent fixture"

"MTW Services Ltd has been crucial to the success of the team in providing quality leads. By quality I mean well qualified, accurate
information and a meeting with the correct influencer or decision maker, who is fully briefed on the meeting. I have had good success
from the leads provided, and I know other members of the team have also had success. MTW Services is a vital source if leads for us"

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